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The Research and Development Division was set up in 1977 to solve the operational and technical problems of the Oil and Gas Industry through the application of the results of scientific research and the development of technology. We are striving to become a world-class Petroleum Research Centre, which is driven by innovation, quality and cost.

To achieve these lofty ideals, we are currently structured into three departments:

 Exploration and Petroleum Engineering (E&P) Department which handles the upstream sector.

 Refining and Petrochemical (R&P) Department, which handles the downstream and environmental problems of the industry and

 Support Services (SS) Department.

R&D has highly qualified personnel and experienced engineers. In addition, we have skilled technicians (trained over the years) to handle sophisticated scientific and laboratory equipment. These have developed to carry out work and undertake technical services functions to the Oil and Gas industry.

Since inception we have rendered technical services and carried out research work for the Corporation, NNPC, our joint venture partners, the Universities other related sectors of the economy. The list of our clients continues to grow as we are reaching out to many corporate organizations to render various services.

We have collaborative research agreements with reputable institutions such as UNIDO, D B ROBINSON, BEICIP of France and the ACADEMIA, just to mention a few. These may also act as back up partners for expertise and equipment to compliment our in-house capabilities in certain critical areas.

Effort to get more collaborative partners is on-going.

Carries out research, develops technology and Provides services to the Oil and Gas Industry.

Will be a World-class Petroleum Research Centre, driven by Innovation and Quality.

Petroleum Engineering Research and Services ranges from the initial appraisal of exploration discoveries through field development, production and to reservoir management.

Laboratory Programmes are designed to ensure maximum relevant information at minimum cost.

This Department provides services and expertise to third parties to ensure compliance with government regulations on the environment. We undertake pre and post environmental impact assessments bioremediation studies for the impacted ecosystem by industrial activities, such as determination and monitoring of atmospheric pollution, toxicity studies and tests, provide dredging and drilling compliance monitoring services, environmental impact assessment studies for seismic exploration activities, environmental sensitivity and stress distribution mapping, etc.

The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory is a reference Laboratory providing state of the laboratory services such as Spectroscopy, and Elemental Analysis, Chromatography, Water and Special Chemicals analysis, Petroleum Testing and Analysis for the Oil and Gas Industry Operators and Other Bodies in Nigeria.

The Exploration Research and Services section performs geoscientific, research and provides consultancy services for basin studies and reservoir modeling. With qualified geoscientists and laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, it caters for the need of the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry.

PPRS undertakes research and services in petroleum products and derivative development, crude oil assay and natural gas utilization.

Process and Catalysis is set up to provide complete catalysis development, characterization, formulation, and synthesis. It also offers process engineering solutions, corrosion studies and research and material selection for the petroleum industry using engineering softwares and plants.

The key objectives of the R&D Division are: -

1.Research and Development Division provides high quality specialized Laboratory, Scientific and Engineering Consulting services.

2. Engage in beneficial collaborative research work with reputable research institutes abroad and with Nigerian Universities principally to solve technical problems that have been identified in the Nigerian Oil industry.

3. To engage in collaborative research by establishing and cultivating technological cooperation through joint research and information exchange programmes with the academia, specialized agencies and reputable research institutes locally and abroad.

4. Engage in applied and fundamental research and develops technology.

5. Engage in innovation adaptation paying attention to lost safety currency

1. NNPC Top Management support and commitment to R&D in other to acquire and domesticate petroleum science and technology.

2. R&D Division has a number of specialists in analytical chemistry, geochemistry, sedimentology, biostratigraphy, reservoir engineering, crude oil evaluation, process engineering, fuel & energy engineering, pollution, microbiology and environmental science, etc.

3. R&D division has some state of the art equipment and facilities that presently rank among the best in Nigeria for undertaking both research projects in areas such as: core analysis, PVT studies, liquid and gas chromatography, water analysis, crude assay, petroleum products testing, source rock geological studies, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, mass spectroscopy, pollution control and remediation, microbiology laboratory facilities, an air monitoring equipment and a modem scientific glassblowing workshop.

4. Ready access to relevant scientific and technological information, including timely exposure to advances in related research and technological issues worldwide.

5. Active collaboration with other R&D organizations and universities worldwide in identified areas of interest for research and technology development.

6. Capability to deliver high quality reliable R&D services which meets customer's satisfaction and expectation

1. R&D Division can penetrate and secure a significant share of the market in the petroleum industry in Nigeria by providing such services as analytical chemistry, core analysis, PVT studies, reservoir engineering, biostratography, sedimentology, petroleum products testing, environmental impact assessment (EIA), crude assays, process engineering, corrosion studies.

2. R&D has highly qualified personnel, and experienced engineers who have been developed over time to carry out work in the Oil and Gas industry.

3. R&D's highly skilled technicians undertake technical services functions to the Oil Gas industry.

4. R&D has the best equipped laboratory for undertaking all the services highlighted in the whole of the West Africa Sub region.


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